About Cobra Carbide

We at Cobra are committed to continuous enhancement of its corporate value towards customers and employees by providing with the highest quality product at a very competitive price. We also encourage an open communication with our team members to help them to excel in their field.

We at Cobra Carbide see ourselves as a total carbide cutting tools solution provider. To achieve these objectives, we use the latest in CNC technology to produce one of the finest geometries so our customers can achieve maximum efficiency. We have a wonderful team of experienced engineers who constantly upgrade their knowledge base.


Become A Distributor

Cobra Carbdide is expanding very rapidly and looking for distribution partners around the world to increase availability for industry customers.

If you would like to discuss working with Cobra Carbide and becoming a Distributor, please contact us at: 1-800-872-0841 or email us@cobracarbide.com.



We continuously upgrade and invest in the latest CNC technology, to provide the latest in tool geometries. We, on a continous basis, provide training to all our team members so they can provide the best solution to all our customers.

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Trade Shows


Cobra Carbide will be at the next Las Vegas Trade show with our most advanced drill tips and accessories. Drill samples and tests will be available.

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Order Online


Browse our current product catalog. Dealer must sign-in to place orders. Sales Reps can log-in and place orders for clients.

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